Facebook And Its Impact On Twitter

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Twitter is one of the best social networking stage where millions of users can communicate with each other, post their thoughts and keep a track on all the on-going topics. Its popularity has reached millions of people all round the world. Popularity of the twitter apart, there are few disadvantages that are connected with this social networking platform. Few of them include spammers, hacking or forging of accounts. This paper mainly deals with testing the already existing methods for discovering useless activities on twitter, and to identify the twitter spammers. In this paper we studied the existing methods to find the spammers on twitter and presented a number of approaches to deal with. We also mentioned certain features that are helpful in classifying the user accounts. They fall into three major categories: profile based, tweet based and network based. These features are helpful in finding the spammers easily. Introduction: The expansion of social media has made the spammers the ability to reach audience easily.[1] Twitter is a stage where millions of users are organized themselves and communicate with each other. Twitter has appropriate features that facilitate the users to explore the topics and comment on the trending subject. Its following has made the spammers attracted and spoil the high volume topics, else deviating from the topic. Normally the fake twitter account adversely affect the experience of the

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