Facebook Is A Powerful Tool For The World Of Health Communication

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Existing work has been done about the role of Twitter as tracking tool to validate real-time content, sentiment and public attention trends. Twitter is now one of the most popular platforms for discussing current events on the Web. Topic detection and topic tracking have become important tools in Twitter research. In the past several years we have seen a huge growth in the use of micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter. Therefore, companies and organizations are increasingly looking for ways to mine Twitter for information about what people think and perceive in relation to products and services. Tweets can be used for real-time content analysis and knowledge research. That is the reason why Twitter can be a powerful tool in the world of health communication by allowing health authorities to respond to public concerns, lack of information and misconceptions. Health organizations and companies have recognized the potential of social media for reaching broad audiences in social marketing campaigns as well informational campaigns (Thackeray, Neiger, Hanson, & McKenzie, 2008). Thus, health communicators are questioning more and more often the effectiveness of social media approaches. Data show an increase among adults using social media as tool for gathering health-related information in the last several years. Deloitte’s 2010 Survey of Health Care Consumers confirms the trend that more than half of consumers looked online for health information, including 53% of seniors, 57%

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