Facilitation Action Plan

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During class thirteen we began by talking about facilitators. As a facilitator you want to start off with an icebreaker and go from there. If the group is large, you can invite a colleague in order to co facilitate. Another tool that facilitator’s use is flip charts to allow the parties to see the direction that the facilitation is going. When preparing for a facilitation a facilitator should use note cards or have the parties write on posted notes. Aside from preparation, knowing how to manage the facilitation is important. Knowing who the people that are going to be at the table is helpful to conducting a successful facilitation. Even though the people with the most influence will be at the table with the facilitator; people may still be…show more content…
The event which we had to reenact involved a well-established neighborhood and a church working with mentally ill patients. The church wanted to allow the facility to keep the mentally ill patients at the church for the majority of the day. The problem the neighborhood had with this plan was that the crime rate had already increased and now these patients increase it further. If the facility for the mentally ill did not monitor them well enough they could then roam the neighborhood unsupervised. Our professor’s goal for the opposing groups was to come to a common ground in regards to allowing the mentally ill patients to stay at the church. As part of the facilitation our professor created an agenda on the board for the class where we would talk about interest, individual positions. Secondly, our professor explained the ground rules one rule being to wait to be recognized. We also could not talk to the press about the events occurring within the facilitation. Next each person in my group explained their relation to the neighborhood. While my partners were explaining their expectations the professor was charting our comments on the agenda written on the white board. After we finished introducing who we were, we then moved on to explaining our positions. Some of the positions for the neighborhood included our worry about loud music and a crime increase due to the mentally ill facility. Afterwards our professor explained for the neighborhood our main interest was the safety of the neighborhood. On the other hand the interest of the church was the inclusion of the mentally ill. Throughout the rest the facilitation both groups asked each other pertaining the objections from each side. The church wanted to allow the mentally ill to stay at the church; while the neighborhood was unsure if was a good idea. Lastly, after we exchanged questions we then explained our
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