Factors Affecting The United States

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1. What factors combined to attract great numbers of people to American cities? What were the characteristics of these migrants? How did these migrants change once they were in the United States? How did they change America, cities or otherwise?
To put this in perspective, an observant and inquisitive fifth grade once asked her mother: Why does it seem as though Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, and Europeans from Italy and Poland like living in cities? The racial composition cities in the United States underwent a major changes that might be considered as decisive shortly after World War I. Ayer has indicated that demographers typically distinguish two modes of living: urban and rural. In plainer language, people live in the city
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From a positive perspective, the massive military conscription that occurred during WWI caused labor shortages, particularly in the northern region of the United States. These labor shortages appeared to be an opportunity that offered African American for employment in steel, shipbuilding, and automotive industries, meat packing factories, and also in plants that specialized in ammunition production (Cengage MindTap, n.p.).
Many cities adopted residential segregation ordinances such that disallowed blacks to establish residence in predominantly white neighborhoods. To that end, housing issues became a contentious matter between blacks and whites throughout and beyond the Great Immigration era. Although the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling that municipal segregation ordinances unconstitutional for residential dwellings, whites resorted to covenants and formal deed that did not allow white property owners in a certain neighborhood to sell to blacks. The covenants were binding to a point that Whites who broke were legally liable to "damaged" neighbors. These covenants remain in place the late 1948s when the Supreme Court ruled them to the contrary.
Immigrant from Overseas: In 1880, when a new wave of immigrants began to arrive in the United States, they moved to American cities, not to the countryside as immigrants had for 250
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