Factors Contributing Factors That Determine Conflict

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4) Other key factors determining conflict
Aside from the determinants that are characteristic of any resource conflict, theorists believe that other factors can also determine the possibility of conflict. These factors have been derived from major wars fought and are also applicable to determining whether conditions present may precipitate a conflict. Interestingly, some of these factors have also been identified in the Guyana-Venezuela conflict.
a) General factors that characterize war
John Stoessinger believes that no country that began a war in this century emerged as the victor. These include Iraq’s invasion of Iran and Kuwait. In all cases, those who initiated war took heavy losses and the nature or the ideology of the government that started the war was not significant to influence the outcome of the conflict. Aggressors basically came out on the losing end of any conflict. Another premise is that wars between small countries with big friends will most times be inconclusive. A small country with a close tie to a big ally can no longer be defeated e.g. the North Koreans were unable to defeat South Korea as long as the United States was willing to support the South. Thus wars between small nations with big friends will be interminable so long as the ally of the weaker side is willing to continue his support. Another premise is that those peace settlements that are negotiated on a basis of equality are much more permanent and durable. In most cases the negotiations…
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