Factors Inhibiting Consumers From Using Mobile Banking Applications

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Factors inhibiting consumers from using mobile banking applications in Egypt
The banking industry has seen an unprecedented growth, and the reason for this is due to the technological developments that provide many new platforms for traditional banking services (Sohail and Shaikh,2008) . Mobile banking applications consider the latest edition to get the financial transactions through Smartphone.
Researchers define mobile banking as an application that enables bank customers to access their accounts through mobile devices or tablets to conduct banking activities (e g., Shaikh & Karjaluoto, 2015; Sun, et.al, 2011; Malaquias & Hwang,2016). Mobile banking offers financial services such as bill payment, transferring money or selling stocks. Also offer non financial services such as locate ATMs or Due alerts for payments….etc (Lee and Chung, 2009; Alafeef et al., 2012). In addition, the use of mobile phones for banking still faces resistance from banks customers (Kuisma, et al, 2007), particularly in Egypt. In other words, mobile banking, although proven to be an effective innovation, does not diffusion widely among the Egyptians.
Innovation resistance is defined by (Ram and Seth ,1989, p. 6) as ‘‘the resistance offered by consumers to an innovation, either because it poses potential changes from a satisfactory status quo or because it conflicts with their belief structure. Customer resistance represents the most important factors which play a crucial role in the
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