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In Kenya, the main use -of Mobile Phone Money is for remittances to relatives or families, provided by Mobile Phone Money and additional access channel for people with existing bank accounts. Non-bank account holders use Mobile Phone Money mainly for Person-to-Person (P2P) transfer. The proportion of the unbanked (38 percent) is slightly smaller (see Table 4.4) given that the close proximity to an urban center where this study was conducted have been influenced into use of banking by being near Nairobi City.
4.3 Potential challenges faced by the users of mobile money;
Out of 80 people who were asked by the Researcher whether they have faced with any problem when using mobile money transfer service at one time or the other 69 people said yes, and only 11 people said no. This revealed that 87% of the respondents were faced with challenges when they were using mobile money transfer service while only 13% were not faced with any challenges when using mobile money transfer service. Some of the challenges that were reported include;
i. Network failure during the time when the user wanted to withdraw money or transfer money. ii. High charging rates where some of the respondents who have low income couldn‘t afford. iii. Also Agents do not have enough cash as well as services are not available 24 hours which made some of the respondents failed to get money during the emergence need.
56% of the respondents said that network is a major problem which they are facing, while 33% of the

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