Factors That Affect Eu, Uk And Rest Of The World Essay

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ABSTRACT This research examines BREXIT EVENT. Causes behind are investigated, possible impacts on EU, UK and rest of the world are analyzed. Policy implications, strategies, and the rule of negotiation are highlighted in order to weight-up Brexit costs and benefits and draw appropriate policy implications to drive Brexit to its positive direction. Based on empirical and theoretical review as well as data analysis, many arguments were behind the vote for Brexit (sovereignty, political and economic issues) Future after Brexit still unclear, but many impacts on EU, UK and the rest of the world economically and politically could be predicted. Vote to leave put a heavy burden on EU, UK shoulders and make them face many challenges and hard tasks. The UK governmental adopted model, negotiation, well-policy implication and flexible regulations are the keys to minimize and reduce the costs if any and maximize the benefits. Introduction In 1950, six nations signed a deal to ensure peace among the European countries this followed by European economic communities based on integration theories, that evolved to become the present EU which has 28 members and more than 500 million population its considered as the second largest economy in the world (according to the international monetary fund, 2016). In 1973, UK has joined the EU which has got its importance and power from being the
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