Factors That Affect Our Soil Affects Them And Their Movements

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C. elegans are a nematode a member of the phylum nematode family. They are roundworms with smooth, unsegmented skin and are about one millimeter in length. C. elegans. The do not have a respiratory and circulatory system, but they do have a hypodermis, excretory system and muscles.(1) They are model organisms to use in experiments because they have a short life span, which makes them manageable, they are inexpensive, and most importantly they are transparent.(2) Therefore, whatever you do to them you will be able to see through a microscope. I conducted a research on C. elegans to test to see how every day fertilizer that we apply to our soil affects them and their movements. When you are putting fertilizer on your soil you are adding extra nutrients to the soil to make your yard look nicer. Although, if you are not careful you may also be putting too much fertilizer on your soil which is raising the concentration of all the nutrients in the soil abnormally
Therefore, the reason for my experiment is to see how adding fertilizer may affect C. elegans. This research is important because, if we don’t know what happens if we add fertilizer to C. elegans environment, then we can potentially be killing them. Therefore, if we are killing the C. elegans, then we are killing the environment itself. My hypothesis on this experiment is that NPK fertilizer will affect C. elegans negatively, causing them to decrease in motion and repel from the fertilizer.

Methods: One the first day

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