Factors That Affect The Development Of People From Families

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When a person grows up they are imprinted with values and characteristics from their family. Numerous studies suggest there are numerous impacts on the development of people from the handing down of small habits to drastic impacts such as an individual needing welfare. These handed down characteristics keep the family and individuals of the family in what is perceived as comfortable or known terrain. Terrain built from families provides individuals with opportunity to build roots off of and feel secure. This same idea can be applied to the basic survival mechanisms passed down within all humans, studies suggesting that children can recognize danger without being instructed or taught. However, not all individuals relate or stay the same course as that of their families. For those that stray the usual path from the family’s imprints of characteristics and values can be considered a swan or an ugly duckling. It is difficult to take the road less traveled as family tradition, values, or heritages have large pulls and impacts on the direction of their offspring. Families that are active with military history continue to provide the nation with future troops. Hearing the values and the stories can draw individuals into wanting to follow the same steps. These stories become how offspring and children view the world (Center for Parenting Education). From first-hand experience the lure to serve in the U.S. Army was strong. The family values that my parents provided…
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