Factors That Affect The Heat Of An Antacid Tablets Lab

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Question: There are some factors that affect the rate of which a reaction occurs. This lab will test the reaction of an antacid tablet with the heat of the water. The main question is; How does the heat of the water affect the rate at which the antacid tablet reacts and or affects the overall experiment/ reaction.
Hypothesis: The antacid tablet will react faster in warm water due to the increased temperature will create more kinetic energy in the reactants which will cause the particles to move faster, and have more collisions. The high number of collisions will also increase the number of effective collisions (collisions in the correct orientation) which will contribute to a faster reaction rate compared to using cold water with a slower reaction.
Independent: Anti-Acid Tablets
Dependent: Water Temperature
Control: Lab Equipment (Beakers, thermometer etc.…)

1. Obtained all materials and set them on a table.
2. Measured the water using a measuring cup then use the the thermometer to ensure that the cold water was around 0 degrees Celsius and the warm water was around 40 degrees Celsius.
3. Poured 100 mL of warm water into a clean drinking glass and also poured 100 mL of cold water into another separate clean drinking glass. 4. Dropped 1 Antacid tablet into the glass with cold water and started the stopwatch as soon as the tablet hit the water.
5. Measured the time it took for the Antacid tablet to completely dissolve in the water. 6.

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