Factors That Affects The Global Economy And Its Impact On The Nigeria And Egypt Economy

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Introduction The main purpose of this study is to determine the factors that affects the global economy and their impact on the Nigeria and Egypt economy. In 2007, the financial crisis, which later extended to the global financial crisis began in the United States of America. The origin and elements of the 2007/2012 global financial crisis have been widely discussed in the literature throughout the period. The aim of this work is to, however, try to point out the reasons and also the macroeconomic effects of the financial crisis in both countries economy and the resulting policy responses. Nevertheless, the impact of this crisis on the real economy, financial system and overall economic activities observed vary significantly depending on the different countries and the world economy. The rest of this essay as a whole is divided into literature review, data and analysis section, which will focus on the pre- and post-crisis period, looking at the factors that may have led to the vulnerability of the both countries economy to the crisis and as a result the effect of the crisis on different sectors of both economy; This will be accompanied by policy measures that have been taken to combat the crisis. The final section will include a brief conclusion of this work. Literature review 1. Causes for the current global financial crisis There are many causes of the current global financial crisis, which has largely been woven into each other. Stiglitz (2009) suggested that the great
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