Factors of Social Inequality

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SCHOOL:CENTRAL UNIVERSITY SCHOOL NAME: Tamakloe Amewusika INDEX NO: HRM/11/01/3027 STATE AND DISCUSS FIVE FACTORS OF INEQUALITY IN OUR SOCIETY. Gender refers to socially constructed roles and responsibilities of women and men. The difference in roles and responsibilities among women and men stems from our families, societies and culture. The concept of gender includes our expectations about the characteristics, attitudes and behaviours of women and men, and is vital in facilitating gender analysis. The different roles, rights and resources that both the genders have in society are important determinants of the nature and scope of their inequality and poverty.…show more content…
Girl's access to education is influenced by poverty in various ways. Recent evidence from West Africa suggests that Poverty has much contribution in gender inequality in access to education. Research has shown that educations of girls in African counties are not really considered important as boys r placed more highly than girls. Most poor parents would rather spend their last pennies to send their boys to school rather than their boys as they see it as a waste of time money and resources in sending a girl child to school. Traditions and culture also influence gender inequality in the society. We live in a society where people believe it’s a woman’s job to play a supporting role to a man. That is women should be seen and not heard. Women are supposed to get married and stay at home, make babies and nurture them instead of working and trying to make ends meet. This has been the belief ever since and even though its changing most people still stuck with that belief. Health is also a factor that influences gender inequality in the society. There is the perception that the female race are weaklings and fragile. The health’s of women are considered as a delicate matter. Women are not allowed to perform certain duties and chores such as carrying heavy loads or performing heavy duty chores like metal working building construction etcetera. Heavy chores
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