Factors that Can Affect Voter Turnout Essay

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Voting is one of the most important rights an American citizen has. If one meets the requirements of being an American citizen, and the age of 18 then he or she can vote. While the right to vote is available to a lot of individuals in the United States it is surprising to know that about 58.2% of Americans voted in last year's presidential election. So only little over of half of eligible voters voted. One might ask who makes up that 58 percent of Americans. By researching and analyzing data it seems that voter turnout can be categorized by state, race and gender. According to the United States Election Project from George Mason University, there are a series of states that have significantly higher eligible voter turnout rates. Looking …show more content…

The amount of times a candidate campaigns in a state could have an impact on the voters. Campaigns built on mobilizing and rallying up certain areas will in turn have an impact on who votes. While states are a good place to start analyzing who votes they cannot fully show who votes when it comes to general elections. When it comes to race in America, it is usually assumed that the highest demographic of voters stem from whites. This statement is very true though. According to the Roper Center of public opinion archives, White Americans made up 73 percent of the national vote, this was followed up by Blacks with 13 percent, Hispanics with 10, Asians with 3, and other races coming in with 2. Whites still make up the majority of American votes. It is important to know that falls in line with the racial diversity of the country. Though if one incorporates the data from above about the states with the highest voter turnout rate, and compare the rates with the racial demographics if the state, one would see that there is a pattern. All those states besides Colorado have really low percentages of minorities. Does race have an impact on who votes? Yes. Minorities compared to the majority have a much lower voter turnout. This might have a lot to do with minorities being unrepresented proportionally on the political scene. Studies have also shown that African Americans They

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