Factors that Contribute to Global Warming, Such as Carbon Dioxide

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Over the recent years, global warming has become a hot topic, due to the melting of polar ice caps and extreme temperature changes across the globe. Since 1960, the percentage of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has increased by 20%, which is the highest recorded in 800,000 years. The true question though is whether this is due to natural causes or whether it’s the impact humans have on the earth’s delicate ecosystem.

The main signs that global warming is currently affecting our world is the rapid temperature changes in certain areas causing wild weather such as tropical storms and floods. Sea levels are rising as an effect of melting of the polar icecaps which are effectively increasing the levels of water in our oceans and rivers. There is no doubt that global warming is currently happening on our precious planet, but there are many that argue it is the environments natural lifecycle rather than a contribution to greenhouse gases that humans have caused recently.

Although there are many biological factors that could affect the process of global warming, it can be argued that humans are the primary cause. The amount of waste produced by humans each year has increased due to our rapidly growing population, which pollutes our natural environment with waste products such as plastic bags, bottles or even metal cans. Because of our dumping of waste into our countrysides, it is debatable that dumping is another main polluter that releases carbon dioxide into our precious

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