Factory Farming And The Consumption Of Meat

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Emily Doorey
English 3 H.

To Kill Factory Farming and the Consumption of Meat or Let It Kill You?

Did you know that buying that burger at dinner or frozen chicken at the grocery store is killing you, your family, and the environment? Despite that you grew up eating meat and accumulated the thought that you “can’t live without it,” you CAN go without consuming meat. If you were to give up meat, even for a while or better yet all together, you would not only be helping the earth, but also your health, and even our future generations to come. Believe it or not, eating meat causes huge side effect to your health. Factory farming even causes more pollution and chemical fume releases than cars. On top of that, it is wiping out vast sums of land and is causing deforestation, which is even causing plants and insects to become extinct every day. Factory farming and the consumption of meat is bad and should be limited or stopped altogether.
You can 't deny that meat has become a large part of most of the population 's regular diet and daily intake. “The main source for saturated fat for people 's daily intake come from animal products.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). For most it’s natural and fine to eat meat. But should that be the case? The first people to roam the earth didn’t consume meat, they ate an omnivorous lifestyle meaning they consumed things such as fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. So why did we start eating meat? When the winter times
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