Factory Farming Issues

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Factory Farming:
Sage research provided me with a number of link to books and articles revolving around the impacts economically, socially and environmentally. The effect of mass food production cover a number of ethical dilemmas such as worker safety and compensation, animal cruelty, waste production, crop subsidies by corporate enterprises, greenhouse emissions, etc. it is a rather large subject to tackle. One subject in particular that I didn’t expect to be so prominent in my research was antibiotic resistance and the impacts of industrial animal farming has had on creation antibiotic resistant bacteria otherwise known as “Superbugs”. The widespread use of antibiotics in the rearing of food animals not only as a treatment to infection but also as a preventative measure. While the use of antibiotics in industrial farmed animals is considered necessary due to the close quarters the animals are raised in increasing risk of infection and allowing for rapid spread of infection; the subsequent side effects of antibiotic use in increased animal growth has led to a vast overuse in food animal production. …show more content…

While there are many aspects of how the majority of our food is produced that the majority of people may disagree with such as the mistreatment of animals and larger environmental impacts. Outrage regarding those grievances are often only expressed after viewing material such as the numerous videos on organizations websites such as which seldom acknowledge that the practices taking place in those videos are legal and federally approved by the USDA. While I myself have been a vegetarian or vegan for the past twelve years and that the mistreatment of animals is an important issue there are many smaller more nuanced issues that come with factory farming that are equally if not more important but get only a fraction of the

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