Fame Me a Match by Lauren Barnholdt

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The book I am reading is called Fake Me a Match I really liked this book. This book was about his one girls drama with boys her soon to be stepsister and her moms wedding. The author of this book is named Lauren Barnholdt and she wrote this book in a girls perspective of things. This book was very fun to read and kept you wondering what was going to happen next. She used figurative language in her book many times. Figurative speech is it compares two things in way that may shock you examples are smiles, metaphors, idioms and alliteration. In this book the author used figurative language Avery was as clear as mud because she was always telling lies. This is true because Avery was telling Blake her soon to be sister that she was not dating the boy she liked when she actually was. Second, she was telling a big lie that she didn’t switch the matches. Next she lied about not liking the boy who really loves her and breaking his heart when she truly liked him right back. Lastly lying to her mom because they ruined there bridesmaid dresses for her moms wedding and had to get Aery’s friend to fix it without telling her mom. As clear un mud mean she is very unclear because mud is very un-clear. The second example of figurative language I found in this book was when the author said “ They cascade down to the floor in a storm of of scantrons.” The author said this because Sam stunned Avery and made her bump all the scantrons to the floor. Avery was so scared that she

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