Family As A Group Of People

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When you ask people for their opinion on the definition of a family, the first definition that comes to mind is the nuclear family. Some people would agree with the notation. However, others have a different interpretation of the definition. The definition that should describe a family is a group of people that loves each other and where someone can share their good and bad times. With the definition of a family being a group of people that cares for each other and can be there in the time of need, it is opposite of the well-known nuclear family. A nuclear family consists of 2 parents and offspring living under the same roof. But that is not always true. Some families have two dads or two moms. Others might only have one of them. Some people would choose to not have any children at all. There are different ways that a family can form. Usually, I think of a family as a group of people helping one another out when they are struggling through life. It doesn’t have to be blood related. It could be anyone that makes the person feel like they are at home. They are not stressed out or tired, but they are comfortable and happy with the people around them that they call “family”. Out of all these different families, there is no “real” definition of a family. In the world, families are a very important part of it. A family is where someone can stay and be safe with. The purpose of a family is to be there for their members, help them out when they are stressed. As a family, they have…
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