Family Behavioral Therapy ( Fbt ) Research Lab Essay

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1. Family therapists tend to be active, directive, oriented toward the solution of problems, and open to using techniques borrowed from various approaches. How would this fit for your therapeutic style if you were working with families?
I know from previously working in a family behavioral therapy (FBT) research lab how some of the FBT techniques work. I enjoyed working in this lab and was able to learn about innovative research in this field of study as an undergraduate here at UNLV. As I read the text, I could see further how active, directive, and oriented toward the solution of problems these types of therapies are. I personally do not want to be a family therapist, but I really appreciate those who do. I think that if I was I would be mindful and respectful of my client’s unique issues. Along with being able to implement different techniques that work for each unique family. It would be very important to me to keep each client’s perspective in mind and ensure that the family is happy with the overall counseling experience. I think a fun technique to start with would be working on the genogram with all members. This would ensure that I have a map and a better understanding of all those who are important in the room and outside of the room when clients discuss these individuals within therapy. It would definitely be a useful tool to have for each session in my opinion. I believe the hardest part would be understanding everyone’s views and then helping to facilitate the

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