Family Cabin: A Narrative Fiction

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"Are we there yet?" Lillian was so excited. She loved going to the family cabin. Every summer for the past five years Alex and, her little sister, Lillian have gone to the cabin. They stay for a month just to have some time away from the city. " No, we have about two or three more miles to go." Alex, 19, was tall, paler than the moon, dark brown hair, bright emerald green eyes, a smile that was radiant and smarter than most of the teachers at her college. Lilly, 9, was short even for her age, soft carmal color skin, light blond hair, sky blue eyes and a laugh that was contagious. there were very few things they had incommon, their love for the out doors, their love for animals and their love for swimming.
Alex loves Lilly with all of her heart,
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