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The Family Created

The dream of a getting married, starting a family , a house with a white picket fence, two kids and a dog eludes a huge number of couples in America and abroad. The perfect picture of a family is usually made complete with the addition of children. There are now more options to create a family than the traditional natural conception. The advances in technology have opened up the option of assisted reproduction such as artificial insemination, invitro fertilization, donor egg or sperm, and assisted hatching. Another option for family creation is adoption. Each option has advantages and drawbacks. With either option there are emotional, financial, and moral issues associated with these options. Finding a perfect …show more content…

The usual time from initial testing to this step in the plan can be anywhere from twelve weeks to six months, and all the waiting is a tremendous pressure in itself. The next step is to wait yet again, to see if the procedure was successful, This final wait is usually about ten days. Success or failure brings about a new set of emotional challenges, then there is the bill.
Adoption on the other hand can be just as or even more emotionally charged than assisted reproduction. There are several evaluations and tests that a couple must undergo in the adoption process. There is a medical assessment that consist of having a blood tests, mental evaluations, history of all major illnesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, accidents, communicable diseases, psychiatric treatments, alcohol and drug treatments family medical history and a horde of other items, which cause the same type of emotional strain as the assisted reproductive tests. There is a home inspection that requires the department of health to come and investigate the couples dwelling for a number of things such as cleanliness, safety, lead, temperature of the water and refrigerator, placement of fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors. The preparations needed to ensure that the home will meet with the stringent guidelines of the inspector is a emotionally straining endeavor. There is training, fingerprinting and criminal investigations that

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