Family History And Problem From California Family And Children Services Essay

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Family History and Problem A social worker from California Family and Children Services received a referral by Judge Cummins concerning a custody battle over Eloise Anderson, age 7. The presenting problem is that Rowena Jeffers and her brother Jeremiah are concerned that Eloise is not receiving proper parental guidance and support living with her paternal grandfather, Elliot Anderson. The Jeffers have called a court hearing and Judge Cummins has ordered a psychological evaluation for Eloise. Both families love Eloise and want what is best for her, but racial differences are what keeps this battle going (Costner & Binder, 2014). According to Rowena Jeffers, Elliot Anderson’s wife Carol died in a car accident, leaving him to raise his granddaughter on his own. Carol was the primary caregiver for Eloise, creating daily routines for Eloise. Her death has left Mr. Anderson to continue these routines and become the primary caregiver for his granddaughter. Judge Cummins referred the social worker to the Anderson family because Mr. Anderson informed the judge that Eloise’s behavior had changed since the psychological evaluations (Costner & Binder, 2014). The social worker made a home visit to speak with Elliot and his granddaughter and she informed Mr. Anderson she was there to visit with Eloise concerning the change in behavior after Eloise started undergoing a psychological evaluation. Mr. Anderson was reluctant but allowed the worker in because he was worried

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