Family Reflection Paper

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I will be observing my Family members (Brother, Dad, Mom). A symbol we commonly use in our family is a Cross. There are many Crosses hung up around our household that represents our love for God and Church. It is a very important and symbolizing piece in our household that we hold very dear. My family believes in Christianity and the importance of God. My Parents also believe republicans are reasonable people and that you should earn what you work for. My parents value discipline and good morals in our household. They believe we should always work hard towards our desired goal. Having good manners is also another very important value in our family for example my brother and my dad are expected to hold the door open for my mom and I…show more content…
On christmas we celebrate Jesus’s Birth and exchange gifts because we love giving. We also appreciate our freedom and believe family is very important. These are English traditions and we still celebrate them in our family today. That is how we contribute to our culture by performing it. I would say our Family has a Subculture type of cultural diversity because we base ourselves on american culture but maybe not everything we borrow the american culture but may change some thing up. A way we are a Subculture could be that we don’t always listen to country music. My brother and I listen to Hip Hop music which would be considered a Subculture component to American culture. A cultural shock that someone from another culture could be surprised from is the way Americans drive. We drive very fast and reckless and we only want to get where we're going. Everything is at a fast pace. For example my Dad drives gets on the freeway everyday for work and drives in a very experienced way and if someone from another country was in the car with him they may be shocked or scared by the way he drives. Culture relativism is what other cultures view as right or wrong. For example in american culture it is polite in american culture to shake someone's hand when you first meet them. In Thailand it's impolite to shake hands with them because it is inappropriate. My family often greets people by hugging them or shaking their hands but this

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