Family Systems Come in All Shapes and Sizes Essay

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In order to properly summarize the question, one must start at the very basic level of simply defining what a family system is. The traditional thought of a family system is a man and a woman living together with children, but as we all know, relationships since then have evolved and are not always between a man and woman. The ideal family system encourages proper development in the child by meeting the developmental needs of the child in the areas of their emotional, physical, cultural and necessary stimuli. Today, there are same sex couples who try to function as a family system with children. By saying this I am not arguing that this is necessarily the correct way to function as a family, but all approaches to family systems have their …show more content…

The old saying a family who prays together stays together I think takes effect in this instance. If a child is brought up in a family that has a healthy spiritual relationship that shows in their family and they pray then this child has the environmental influences of spiritual development at early stages. Roehlkpartain states, “Some people---particularly those within religious communities---worry that they beliefs, narratives, and commitments of the world’s religious traditions are not adequately taking root in young people’s lives” (Roehlkpartain, 2006).
Other factors that occur in family systems that could affect a child’s healthy development are their sense of self. This factor is always up to debate when it comes to types of family systems, especially those who are not of the norm such as gay and lesbian couples and how their influence of a child’s sense of self may affect the child’s development. This argument is ongoing and research has not exactly backed a conclusive finding that would prove that this negatively affects a child’s sense of self. One huge influence on the development of a child is the child’s parents and where they are at in their relationship. If the relationship is positive and flourishing, then it will affect the child in a positive manner. In an article about family systems, it was stated, “A growing body of

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