Family Value, And Moral Values In The Church

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Despite teenagers’ best attempts to avoid their parents’ influence, it is practically impossible to ignore their daily lessons of “family values” and “moral choices.” From the time of birth to the age of eighteen, parents force-feed their children mouthfuls of personal ideology, and religious beliefs are no exception. Throughout my entire life, all I have ever known are the convictions of Lutheran Christianity. Although my primary goal as an adolescent has been to defy my parents’ decisions, I greatly appreciated the seemingly-flexible church environment they chose for our family. Over the years, I grew increasingly involved in the church’s opportunities, extending from my participation in our youth group to service commitments through mission projects and Sunday school leadership. At the commencement of my junior year, I decided to continue my involvement by attempting a faith-based curriculum called “Can I Ask That?” with an adult advisor. I was originally excited for this program, as it promised to address my many questions of the Bible’s credibility, female discrimination, evolution, social relationships, and violence. Crammed into a devotional series, the program evenly divided its content into 8 chapters to complete throughout the year. In order for my mentor and me to tackle the sixth section, which concerned the Bible’s stance on homosexuality, my youth minister required that we meet with one of the church’s pastors in lieu of our normal

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