Family Values And Morals That Changed Our Lives Essay

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Five words kept replaying in my mind, “Promise me you won’t tell anyone,” and I did that; without hesitation, I promised. Overwhelmed with emotions that are churning through by body, I’ve realized that I’ve just made a statement that consequently, I would grow to regret. Feeling bemused and as though I can barely breathe, knowing that I will betray her, the decision is made. Every part of my being knows that I must find him; at her expense. Childhood was a joyous time. Having had amazing parents who were my role models, they were the epitome of love. All too often, I would catch the special moments of hand holding, kissing, hugging and laughing like teenagers; looking back, it seemed as though they had it all. Friendship was the foundation of their marriage, followed by a romance and dedication to each other that I had never witnessed in another couple. Always invested in our lives, they implemented strong family values and morals that would help shape us as adults. Remaining close to them as I entered adulthood and moved away, we talked almost daily. Becoming grandparents suited them well and my children were able to form close and bonding relationships with them. Despite my military service keeping us at a geographical distance, our visits were abundant and we made the most of our time together. Relocating to Nashville, GA was a decision my parents had made after my father became ill. His wish was to surround himself with family and enjoy his retirement in the

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