Family Values Essay

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values. A complete family makes the individual self reliant, honest, caring and happy. Good parent’s rare good human personage e. Abusive parents often produce human personalities who feel that they are worthless, unlovable and inadequate. Similarly parents who invest a lot of emotional and mental resources often produce stable, responsible personage. Parents are the main influence on a human’s personality development. Human being’s want only the love of their parents and it gives satisfaction at every stage. But when individual don’t get love from any of the parent, it adversely affects on individual’s personality and always lives in a distressful condition. The intense meaning of family relations for almost everyone has been observed throughout history.
Philosophers and social analysts have noted that any society is a structure made up of families linked together. The family is made-up of individuals, but it is also a social unit, and part of larger network.
Over the decades, social scientists have struggled in their efforts to define the multidimensional concept of family. Below are some definitions that will give clear cut meaning that what actually family is?
Most social research into the family has had an immediate moral purpose, to eliminate deviations like divorce, desertion, illegitimacy, and adultery rather than a desire to understand the fundamental nature of social institutions. In this sense the family seems socially unimportant. It is only the pattern of

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