Why Dieter Wants To Be In The Army To Fight For Hitler

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My book i’m reading is Soldier Boys, taking place during the Holocaust and how a young boy named Dieter wants to be in the army to fight for Hitler. Dieter and I are alike in some ways but mostly a reason is because how we both have drive. When he gets into the army he is surrounded by late 30 year olds telling him he can’t do it because he's too young or small but pushes through and wants to be better. Another way we are alike is how thinks he knows he can do better when he messes up. Pretty much every sport I play when I mess up I get very mad but just like Dieter we don’t like to show it, we both know it makes us look bad when you are trying to do the exact opposite, look good. Lastly, we both have dreams and try to work towards it. Ever
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