Far Away From Home

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Far Away from Home His plane had just landed on the island Montreal. He already felt nostalgic ever since he left Marseilles, his hometown. He asked himself whether he will enjoy living blissfully or suffer in this province because people here are very different than those living in France. Pascal de Bonaventure was enrolled to Westmount High School. He joined the French immersion program and took every other enriched course. Pascal was head and shoulders above the rest of the students in France. He was an intellectual Haitian teenager with a strongly built body and an afro shaped like a tree. He would naturally have this austere demeanor; he would always put up a serious and cold-looking face at all times. School started and he headed to his first period, French class. He took a seat in the farthest corner of the classroom. Pascal kept looking out through the window for what seemed to be an eternity up until one of his classmates took a seat next to him. The young lad asked him: -“Hey, new kid, what’s your name?” -Pascal replied with a disgruntled look on his face: “Why does it matter to you, the teacher will call me out later.” His classmate gave him a puzzled look with a hint of frustration. Once class was dismissed, the boy from earlier formally introduced himself and made a request: -“Sorry about earlier, my name is James. So you’re Pascal, huh? Mind if you pass me your French homework that you finished in class?” Pascal gave him the homework with a bothered look on

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