Far from Heaven Essay

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Far From Heaven

Far from Heaven is a film about a 1950s period. It deals with some issues such as race, sexuality and class. There is Cathy, the perfect mother and wife married to Frank, the successful and charming man, who works as seals manager in a big company, having the perfect life. Until Cathy, finds that her husband; Frank is a homosexual. She cannot divorce from her husband because she does not want to destruct her marriage. At the same time, she meets with Raymond, and she goes to him for comfort. They spend good time together, but their relationship causes some bad consequences for him and his daughter. On the other side, Frank cannot suppress his desires of homosexuality. When he and his wife went to a holiday, he …show more content…

ches, and different views towards white people, perhaps their different approaches of violence and non-violence stem from their original opinions of how capable the whites are of being "good", but fought for the same goal, and without them we wouldn’t be able to reach this level of freedom; like when Malcolm X said in his speech, “You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom." On the other hand, homosexuals in our time have many rights compared

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