Essay on Fascades of Current Society

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Throughout history women, men, and children have all felt the pressures and manipulations by the media through some façade style form or shape. A Façade by definition is a false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect, which is primarily imposed or placed on an object, group, or even individual. Through the use of words, deliberate images, and material items advertised within society, as a result have become pressures felt by all types of individuals. Many of these pressures forced upon individuals, prevalent in society today, has in turn created a false sense of ideals and an artificial basis of reality. Men, women, and children all wear some form of a mask in a façade sense as an attempt of self…show more content…
In other novels read and analyzed specifically in this class, which provide additional examples of characters displaying types of facades, are Tayo in Silko’s novel Ceremony, Henry in Valdez’s production of Zoot Suit, Sula in Morrison’s novel Sula, and Akiko Ueno in Ozeki’s novel My Year of Meats, just to name a few. In Maus mainly, Spiegelman portrays the Jewish mice wearing pig masks in order to blend in with the surrounding Polish society depicted as pigs. Spiegelman does this for many reasons, but one in particular is to expose the destructive effect. In reality, people walk, dress, and talk a certain way in order pass as another type of person, or to feel acceptance among peers, such as teenage boys and girls. All characters display some kind of inner and outer struggle wearing a sort of façade due to conflicts encountered, thus forcing them to morph themselves as a way of survival. In actuality, no one is wearing a physical mask but rather an adaptation by change in behavior, manner, and appearance to blend in with the rest of mass society.
In relation to my Advertisement Façade, which depicts pieces of magazine images and textual material from American magazines targeted towards young adults, represents the type of mask prevalent among individuals of today. By analyzing media material
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