Fascinating Rulers Of The Roman Empire And Early Middle Ages

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Trey Counterman
Professor Baldwin

Fascinating Rulers of the Roman Empire and Early Middle Ages Throughout the Roman Empire and Early Middle Ages countless rulers existed who have captivated the interest of many historians. These compelling leaders led the way to change and progress with new building reforms and art that is still acknowledged as revolutionary today. Three of the fascinating rulers who captivated the interests of historians are Augustus, Nero, and Justinian. During each of their reigns, these rulers inspired new law codes, economic reforms, artistic innovations, and religious reform. While each ruler possessed unique skills and beliefs, each emperor had similarities in how they came to power. Art flourished and building forms renovated the various cities in The Roman Empire and Early Middle East under the reign of Augustus, Nero, and Justinian.
The first emperor of Rome was Augustus. Augustus came to power after the assassination of his adopted father, Julius Caesar, who was in actuality, his great-uncle. He possessed political skills, and was a master of propaganda. His main goal was to restore the Roman Republic and avoid any traps set by monarchy (The West: A Narrative History pg. 157). During his reign, art and agriculture flourished. Augustus incorporated law codes which restored peace to the area. Augustus put in place the Julian Laws. The intentions of the Julian Laws were to make an attempt to increase the population and

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