Fascism in the 1920's and 1930's Essay

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During the 1800's Europe had been the cultural, military, political, and the financial center of the world. Political Liberalism and parliamentary institutions was prosperous. After World War I the world faced economic disasters.

In the years following the First World War, a new era of democracy seemed to be unfolding and it was looked promising. The autocratic regimes in Russia, Germany and Austria, were all overthrown and replaced by republics. The seven new states in Europe all had a republican form of government. Democracy seemed to be doing good in the post-war world.

European economy was in a desperate situation. They had to borrow money to cover the cost of the war. Their debt needed to be paid and they didn't have …show more content…

In 1929, the United States stock market crashed. This made for a world disaster. The British borrowed money form the United States to pay off their war debts, and now the money wasn't there. The stock market crash had a domino effect on the whole world. The world began to fall apart. People tried to start new governments but they didn't last long before they failed.

Meanwhile, while the whole world is falling to pieces, Hitler comes along. Hitler offers the people of Germany peace, and food. Little did the people know what they were going to go through to get these things.

Before Hitler came along the people had a democratic government. The individuals had freedom of speech, and of the press, of petition, and of assembly, and freedom from arrest for political opinions. They could form political parties, and elect the party or the parties they liked to rule.

By letting Hitler take over they were giving up all this. They would now be Fascist states. Within these states, the individuals had no right of free speech, free publications, and free associations. The individuals had no right to form political parties. There was only one governmental party which imposed its dictatorial rule on the people. This party was called the Nazis'. This one-party regime was concerned with the total activities of its people. Their work, their leisure, their religion, even their private lives. Everything that

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