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Fashion & Lifestyle: Shopping guide Winter Shopping |Faria Nawrin Borshon Chilling cold winter winds blowing outside. It’s the perfect time for chilling with hot coffee in a hand and sitting in the baranda wearing winter cloth and enjoying the winter breeze. Winter is a season of shivering in cold as well as enjoy the shopping too, to get rid of cold. One can never go wrong with sweaters as it can be worn anywhere and everywhere. There are sweaters for casual hangouts, office wear and also for parties. If you are heading towards work early in the morning, pullovers are a good option. For hangouts with friends - in the little time that you have - all you need to do is put on a full-sleeve and hide that unkempt dress. A funky sweater with a little styling of hair can create big differences in your look. But from where to buy & what to buy that’s the question. That’s have an idea of total winter shopping. Budget shopping The following three locations in Dhaka are treasure troves for budget shoppers or youngsters who like to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Badruddoja Market, better known as ‘Doja’, near Dhaka College in Dhanmondi, is a heaven for bargain hunters who want to bag a trendy cowl-neck sweater for Tk250 to Tk400 max. The shop keepers are keen hagglers, so if your negotiating skills are rusty, it is better to take an expert aunt or a friend who can bargain on your behalf. A wide range of selection is available for your taking that includes long sweater
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