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Obesity is a major food epidemic. This food epidemic has become so global that it is a leading death cause in America. Many Americans have vouched for a sedentary lifestyle due to their unhealthy eating habits. What they do not realize is the unhealthy food choices that they make now will affect them in the future. The food industry is a major contributor to this. The food industry is affecting the health of future generations due to how easy it is for people to access and their over consumption of processed food.
Although not everyone eats fast food products, fast food companies are finding innovative ways to advertise their food to make people feed into what they are selling. Fast food restaurants have become mainstream in the past …show more content…

The consumer at the end of the day will always go to a fast food restaurant that flourishes. When people gravitate towards food that they see on the go for their nutrients it causes health issues. Consumers all around America are punishing themselves for getting into a trap that they can not escape. This is how obesity is started, and this is exactly what the food industry wants.
Without a doubt, there are grocery stores and foods that provide healthy food options, but not everyone in America has the sufficient income for this option. We should definitely strive for better food, but it’s elitist and wrong headed to forget that price and availability matter (Maiello). Buyers should be aware that healthy and organic food costs a lot more than processed food. People that are able to provide better for themselves and their children because of well income are at a higher advantage than those who can not. Those who can not afford healthy and organic food gravitate towards cheaper processed foods that lead them to make bad food choices. Obesity in adults has increased 60% and obesity in children has tripled in the past 30 years (“Obesity in America”). This statistic shows how global this food epidemic is due to adults and children eating a diet of packaged, processed and refined foods. Obesity in adults is at its highest, followed by the younger generations. The health of the future generations such as

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