Fast Food Nation Essay

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Fast food is very popular amongst today’s society. Fast Food Nation has reasons for the explosion in popularity of fast food restaurants in the mid-1900’s. It also explains negative effects on American Culture in today’s society. The fast-food industry has multiplied across America and changed the food industry. Eric Schlosser describes in Fast Food Nation the way people think about what they eat and what people think of the fast food industry, and also its impact on society.
2 ND There are many reasons on how fast food became popular in the mid-1900’s. One reason for why it became popular was the Speedee Service System. This service was to show how quick and efficient the service was. This system revolutionized the restaurant business,
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The site encourages kids to send Ronald an email revealing their favorite menu item at Mcdonald's” (Schlosser 45). “ Today’s market researchers not only conducts surveys of children in shopping malls, they also organize focus groups for kids young as two or three”( Schlosser 45). Children’s clubs have for years been an attraction to target children ads.

4th School advertising is the final reason for why it became popular in the mid-1900’s. The school advertising started during the 1990s. It started a nationwide trend spreading fast rapidly throughout the U.S. District 11 in Colorado Springs was the first public school to school advertise and place ads in the hallways of the school. “District 11 faced revenue shortfalls thanks to growing enrollments and voter and hostility to tax increases for education” (Schlosser 51). “In 1996, school administrators decided to seek to negotiate help from a professional, hiring Dan DeRose, president of DD Marketing Inc”(Schlosser 51).

5thA negative effect on America's fast food industries is that they have health regulations. Health regulation on fast food can affect people like strong allergic problems. People can be allergic to anything they put in the fast food. Corn syrup was one of the most common ingredients in fast food that people were allergic to in the mid-1900s. “ The Food and Drug Administration does not require flavor companies to
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