Fast Food Industry : The World 's Largest Restaurant Chain And Now Essay

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Ba Da Ba Ba Dah, I’m Lovin’ It – the fast food restaurant McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain and now they are expanding even further. Those iconic golden arches spread wide from large urban centers to rural towns. The global giant has sets its sites for further expansion into the country of India. McDonald’s Corporation understands the struggles of tapping into the India culture as each country presents its own unique sets of challenges that must be navigated in order for a new business venture to be successful. The fast food business is booming in India as the country develops both economically and politically. The India of the past is rapidly changing and so are its people as the pace of life has changed dramatically. One way the majority of people survive these busy hectic days is through their daily dose of coffee. McDonald’s is no longer just a typical fast food restaurant serving burgers and fries as they have expanded their offerings into the ever-growing coffee market competing head-to-head with brands such as Starbuck’s. McCafe’s now serve various coffees and coffee-based beverages in addition to light breakfast sandwiches. Harichandan Arakali discusses McDonald’s new target market for coffee consumption in India in his article, “McDonald’s Corp (MCD) Expands In India As Tastes, Especially Among Youth, For Specialty Coffees, Western Fast Food Grow”. McDonald’s has targeted young clientele by opening up McCafe’s across India as coffee consumption
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