Fast Food Is All About Convenience

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Driving down the highway with three squirmy children in the back seat, a balmy 86°, and a chorus of ¨I have to pee’s!¨ and ¨I’m super hungry! Can we eat?¨. When there is a McDonalds two blocks from the highway exit, or 10 miles away; is there actually a competition of which will be more populated? People wouldn’t come from miles and miles around to go to a fast food restaurant if it was out of their way. Fast food is all about convenience, and that is why location is one of the most important standards to bring in the restaurants’ consumers. However, sometimes fast food corporations take the process a step too far and use the location to market their product inappropriately to children and families. Consumers should not be used as pawns in marketing schemes based off of population, highway proximity, consumer demographics, and contiguity to areas with children.
Of course it is known that it’s a necessity for restaurant corporations to choose their location to better market their product. Without being able to choose, it would be difficult to bring in consumers, or make as much money as they do. Some small buisness and restaurant owners actually believe that the location of a building can either make or break it. According to Allen Vernon, who owned a restaurant in New York, the “biggest problem was the location. While Valentine Street is adjacent to City Hall, it is not visible from Gramatan Avenue, where the bulk of the city 's businesses is located” (Prenon). He believes

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