Father Involvement Of A Child 's Life

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The irreplaceable role that a mother plays in a child’s life has been under the microscope for years. There are many that feel that in order for a child to grow up “normally”, the relationship they have with their mother is a vital indication as to how their life will unfold. It has been said that the relationship a child has with their mother plays a big role in how they form relationships with others and if those relationships will be healthy. While the involvement of a mother in a child’s life is very important, one could say that the role a father plays in a child’s life holds just as much potency.
There seems to be an overwhelmingly amount of research available to study on mother involvement compared to father involvement, the journal I chose to review focuses on father-child relationships and involvement. “Father involvement may be another factor associated with positive child outcomes but it has received limited attention in recent psychological research (Cabrera, Tamis-LeManda, Bradley, Hofferth, & Lamb 2000.)” The Role of Father Involvement in Children’s Later Mental Health concentrates on children’s behavioral, academic and psychological outcomes for children with father involvement because this studies focus was on fathers being involved; those that did not have a father or father figure involved were left out of the study. I believe that anything that could have a life long lasting impact on a child’s life is relevant to the social work practice. Being in the…
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