Influence Of A Mother On A Child 's Well Being And Development

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Much research has been done on the influence of a mother on a child’s well-being and development (Pougnet, Serbin, Stack, & Schwartzman, 2011). However, research has shown that an engaged and loving father can contribute greatly to a child’s cognitive, social, and psychological development (Bronte-Tinkew, Carrano, Horowitz, & Kinukawa, 2008; Duursma, Pan, & Raikes, 2008; Pancsofar & Vernon-Feagans, 2010; Wilson & Prior, 2010).
However, not just the mere presence of a father is enough to make a difference in a child’s development. Research has shown that a child’s development is affected by both the quantity and quality of father involvement (Wilson & Prior, 2010). Being an involved father means not only investing economic resources into a child, but also time. Wilson and Prior (2010) found that high levels of father involvement was associated with significant and highly desirable children’s developmental outcomes. Similarly, Bronte-Tinkew, Carrano, Horowitz, and Kinukawa (2008) used data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study–Birth Cohort to investigate whether or not a fathers involvement would play role in infant cognitive outcomes. They found that high father involvement reduces the likelihood of infant cognitive delay. Further they found that this was especially true for male infants and infants with disabilities.
Lastly, Vogel, Bradley, Raikes, Boller, and Shears (2006) conducted a study to explore whether or not a fathers presence in their children’s
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