Father Reflection Paper

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When my father died, my life changed drastically, but I did not realize it yet. I was only eight years old; his death did not fully click, it had no affect on me. As I grew older, that is when it finally became apparent. The death of my father encouraged me to strive and stay driven when it came to reaching my goals and helping out other people. I became more focused on my education, on my future, and also on my family. I have always been told, I am a reflection of him and I surely wouldn't want to let him or my relatives down.
When I think of leadership, I think of my father. I think of someone who is patient enough to guide people through life, help them out, and also continuously provides a realistic outlook. I am always being told about how selfless he was, how he always went out of his way to help other people whenever they were in need. His coworkers always talk about how he was compassionate and quick to put someone else’s mental and physical health ahead of his own. Through all of that, I never knew my dad was battling cancer. I would see him at home with IV’s strapped to his arms and his chest. I would see him bend over vomiting from his medication and I would see him growing skinnier and skinner each day, but I did not know what cancer was. I was only in second grade and too young to comprehend such a thing. I just saw a father who was always there for me and my brothers and worried more about us than he worried about himself. He always made sure we were safe and

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