Father of the Year

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Essay on ”Father Of The Year” Morten Hauge Christensen In our world and society, there is a whole lot of different people. A whole lot of different people that fits into different kinds of families. It might be hard to define which kind of family you are a part of, and of course what kind of family member you are towards the other members. And when it comes to another important thing in life called “Work”, which one will be the most important one to you? And will you be able to separate those two parts in a proper way? The short story “Father Of The Year” (2012) by Esther Williams, takes the reader into a real-life episode that makes you ask yourself the same kind of questions. In the story we meet the family dad Dan and his wife…show more content…
It is quite clear that the picture of Jemma is the nagging housewife that does not want to be left alone with all the duties at home. But her thoughts are unlike Dan’s on the family and the children the whole time. She sees the trip to America much more as a family trip, where Dan sees it as a business trip. The short story brings us the two big themes carrier and family in one piece. These are not only the main themes of the story, but also two main themes of life. But which theme is willing to gain more weight than the other one? It is not hard to see the very important moral in the short story, and this leads us back to the beginning. What is life with a carrier that has a higher priority than the family? And what kind of family member are we against the other members of our family? What our priority is, is our own
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