Fatigue Lab Report

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Tracked Data & Hypothesis
I chose to track degree of fatigue because of the recurring emphasis on the importance of diet in correlation to the overwhelming lack of energy associated with the standard American diet. I hypothesise, that the ongoing sense of fatigue among American society can be combatted most efficiently through a whole food carbohydrate based diet.
Description of Data
Cortisol is the main hormone that becomes unbalanced in the adrenal fatigue associated with lack of carbohydrates. Since cortisol is the hormone most associated with stress, a low carb diet is a potential adrenal stressor that will result in a constant state of fatigue(European Thyroid Journal). Through the data collected however, it is evident that despite ongoing
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Therefore, nutritional strategies to increase body carbohydrate stores or carbohydrate availability are considered to be potentially beneficial for maintaining or improving performance capabilities”(Nutrition Bytes, (1)). In this way, choosing to follow the standard American diet which is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fats is contradictory to the blood sugar stability our bodies are designed to function off of. “'Carb loading', short for carbohydrate loading, is a strategy used by athletes to maximize endurance during physical exercise. By consuming large amounts of carbohydrate-rich foods, individuals can increase energy reserves and improve performance (Nutrition Bytes, 3(1))”. In the grandiosity of this example, carb loading reinforces my hypothesis of how carbohydrates based diets is the most efficient source of dietary component to combat fatigue. For this reason, I now plan to continue a life that focuses on an abundance of carbohydrates from sugar, starches, and fibers as I have never felt so awake in my
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