Favorite Scene Of Excalibur

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Hamse Mohamed
Media Communication
Journal 2 Excalibur
Is a film that revolves around king Arthur who was merely a squire before lifting the sword Excalibur from it stones. Where his farther king Uther had place it when he was killed in battle in hopes of a new king shall rise and lead the people of Camelot. The film revolves around betrayal romance friendship and death. In my opinion I believe Excalibur was a good film I thought it was interesting and fascinating. mostly because I had enjoyed reading about king Arthur and the knight of the round table in high school. I especially like the fight scene between king Arthur and sir Lancelot which later end with them becoming best friends.
Until Lancelot betrays Arthur when he
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I will have to say my favorite scene thru out the film is when king Arthur had to fight the black night. My second favorite scene in the movie is when Lancelot had tried to save the princess who was being force into marriage but later turns out to be a prince not a princess. In the confusion Lancelot then begins to slaughter all the peasants who were at the ceremony. Which was by the far the one of funniest scene after Arthur verses the black knight through out the film. Even though it was a low budget film they sure did make up for it with humor not a single scene goes by that isn't funny in this…show more content…
The main character Bobby Bow Finger played by Steve Martin is extremely eager to direct a film and gain recognition as a talented film producer. He’s a fast talking, very sneaky and determined person who wants to accomplish his dream of being recognized in Hollywood. Another cast member is Eddie Murphy who was one of the supporting characters that play Kit Ramsey and Jefferson "Jiff" Ramsey. Eddie Murphy had done a great job in this movie because every time he was on screen I started burst out in
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