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Parables are interesting and enlightening pieces of Scripture that call us to action. Fee and Stuart (2014) in their chapter The Parables: Do you get the Point? give sound guidelines for understanding and interpreting these pieces of Scripture. Knowing this we can understand the parables better, why Jesus used them and how it increases our understanding.
Parables are modems of communication that Jesus used to get responses from his hearers, to call them into action. They come in many different forms. The first form is a true parable it is a parable like the Prodigal Son or the rich man and Lazarus although I would say the rich man and Lazarus was a very real story. Their form is a story with a story line, a beginning, and end. Another type of parable is a similitude, which are normal pictures of daily life that are used to drive home a bottom line. The third type is a metaphor or simile and sometimes are called “parabolic sayings” (Fee & Stuart, 2014, p. 157). These are in the same genre of a similitude, but with a different purpose for being spoken. It needs to be clarified that parables are not allegories although they may contain some allegorical elements they are not to be understood as being an allegory nor should they be interpreted in an allegorical way (Fee & Stuart, 2014). …show more content…

I think Jesus is making a clear point to his followers. Like their ancestral Israelites, there will be those that hear the message but fail to listen, to see the miracles but fail to grasp the truth. He says in this series of parables in Mark 4 listen or variations of it multiple times. It comes down to the point that they are rejecting the message because they do not want it and harden themselves to what it is saying, to what it is convicting them of and calling them to do. Just like in Isaiah’s day, they heard what the prophet was saying, but they refused to

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