Fear : Fear And Fear

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Ruling with either love or fear can both evoke powerful emotions within the governed, however these emotions are on two completely different ends of the spectrum. Love creates a governed body that wants to please their country in any way possible. Fear, however, creates a governed body who is too scared to do anything other than please their government. This drastic difference affects the way one thinks, feels, and even lives their everyday life. In the novel “1984” by George Orwell, the fictional government of Ingsoc is used to depict a totalitarian government that has the sole purpose of controlling the citizens. The government has implemented several policies to accomplish this goal, from brainwashing to being a prevalent part of every citizen’s daily life, however the tactic that is the most efficient and the main concept behind most policies is fear. For the citizens of Ingsoc, fear is intertwined within their everyday routine that most do not realize its presence, however to an outsider the use of fear is obvious. The main value of fear is its ability to psychologically manipulate an individual. In an article written by Erin K. Maloney, Maria K. Lapinski, and Kim Witten, it is stated that “[a] threat is defined as ‘A danger or harm that exists in the environment whether we know it or not.’… it is not the actual threat posed, but rather people’s perception of the threat, that motivates them to action” (207). This research supports the statement that fear can be a

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