Fear In Ww2

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Franklin D roosevelt once said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself!” But what is fear? Fear can be a very powerful motivator. It can cause people to act differently in certain situations, fear is all about being cautious to protect oneself. And fear was a tremendous player in starting World War Two. Many countries were afraid like Germany, France and Great Britain, and America. All had different fears, and most of their fears happened anyways, but their fears created the Nazi party and ultimately the war. Before World War Two, the German people were not in a good economic position and the fear of communism grew tremendously due to the fact the communists might try to overthrow the German government. With the German people being afraid of communists, this gave the Nazi party something, it gave them some to blame and to persecute for their own gain, and this gave rise to the Nazi party. Now once the Nazi party was more in power, they started to make Germans fear the Jews saying how the Jews started World War One, or that the Jews are taking your jobs and businesses. With all Germans against communists and Jews, this gave the Nazi party some backbone and that started to help more and more people join the cause. …show more content…

France and Great Britain were afraid of another world war, so they did not really do much about it, they justified it saying how the treaty of Versai was a bit too harsh and so they let the Nazis have a bigger army. The appeasement went on and on like the Nazis annexed some land with German speaking people, France and Great Britain were afraid of a war so they let it slide. If France and Great Britain had not had this fear, they could have made Germany have a smaller army and then the world war may have not have happened, but they were scared and were afraid of war, so it did

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