Fear Technology in Mark Hagerott and Daniel Sarewitz's Article, A Future in Denial

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In Mark Hagerott and Daniel Sarewitz article a future in denial it states that technology is something to fear because of the negative effect it has on a person’s own individuality. The authors try to persuade and inform the audience by using sci-fi movies to correlate real world problems such as the Edward Snowden scandal or the NSA wiretapping scandal with something more understandable and relatable such as a movie. I think the authors of the article are however unsuccessful in their approach because there is a lack of structure, not enough viable sources, and the authors use fear tactics that intimidate the reader. In the article A Future in Denial bridges how real life scandals in the recent news such as the NSA phone tapping scandal…show more content…
While in the first paragraph the authors talk about President Obama and the NSA scandal in the next few paragraphs though it talks about the implausibility of movies such as Psycho and Thelma and Louise due to modern technological developments. This is a very drastic change in not only subject matter but as well as the tone of the paragraph. While in the first paragraph the authors tend to use pretentious words as the essay progress they begin to become looser with their phrases, and words such as saying “So far so good” and “We’re not condoning law-breaking by free-spirited rebels, of course” (Hagerott, and Sarewitz 1). Near the end of the essay however they tend to go back to their more rigid tone “Indeed, perhaps the most important lesson in the Snowden affair is that the rise of ubiquitous surveillance technology means that future rebels will have to be insiders with security clearances like Snowden”(Hagerott, and Sarewitz 1). I think the authors tend to do this to give the essay a more professional and credible edge to it. When anyone sees the name of our president in an article they automatically will gravitate towards it, and take the essay to be a more serious tone. Another thing that seems somewhat questionable about this article is the sources that the authors tend to use to back up their claims. The main arguments that could be made is whether or not
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