Fear Technology in Mark Hagerott and Daniel Sarewitz's Article, A Future in Denial

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In Mark Hagerott and Daniel Sarewitz article a future in denial it states that technology is something to fear because of the negative effect it has on a person’s own individuality. The authors try to persuade and inform the audience by using sci-fi movies to correlate real world problems such as the Edward Snowden scandal or the NSA wiretapping scandal with something more understandable and relatable such as a movie. I think the authors of the article are however unsuccessful in their approach because there is a lack of structure, not enough viable sources, and the authors use fear tactics that intimidate the reader.
In the article A Future in Denial bridges how real life scandals in the recent news such as the NSA phone tapping scandal and the Edward Snowden scandal and how it correlates to movies such as: Psycho, Thelma and Louise, In time, The Hunger Games, Total Recall, The Adjustment Bureau, Enemy of the State, and The Matrix. By showing how these two things correlate the article makes it apparent that people can no longer truly be free that someone is constantly watching you. The article states that if everyone has to conform to a strict set of guidelines that we no longer have any since of rebellion. Which is what many historians would credit the development of the United States as we know today a quote that summarizes this belief is “In the process, one of society's most powerful narratives of democratic struggle-the myth of the individual who rebels against…