Fear : The Way I See Fear

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Batuhan Kir Ms. Evans Honors English II December 14, 2015 What is Fear? The way I see fear is that many people try to run away from it instead of challenging it. Fear makes people run away from ideas, actions, or even goals. Everyone experiences fear whether they are elementary students, college students, or parents. People could fear having to speak in a crowd of others or fear a single human being. Since fear can’t fully be defined by a simple sentence, I have decided to define this short but complex word by studying its origins, discussing what fear is not, and giving examples and indications about fear. Furthermore, I will show how the word fear is represented in Night and The Sunflower. (Origin and Causes) The word fear…show more content…
In traumatic events people tend to freeze up or try hiding. It causes to have a rapid heart rate, increases our blood pressure, and increases sweating. We develop fear as an outcome of learning. Due to this we have many events in history that demonstrate why we people fear. Can you forget the Africans who were forced to come to the Americas? Didn’t they fear the people who were treating them like they had no value? How about the Jews? The Jewish people feared getting captured and killed for their beliefs by the Nazis. In the book Night, we can see that the Jews clearly feared death and did anything in their power to survive. Elie even had thoughts to take his father’s rations at point so he could live longer although his father was the main reason why he was trying to survive. In the book Night the narrator states “I thought deep down, not daring to admit it to myself. Too late to save your old father … You could have two rations of bread, two rations of soup.” (Wiesel 111). This shows that Elie feared death so much that he forgot what kept him alive in the first place. (Examples and Incidents) Additionally, in today’s society we can see people fear religion. There are some people in the U.S that are Islamophobic which means they fear a whole religion. The people who fear the whole religion itself are ignorant. They believe that what ISIS is doing is what the religion asks for, when what they are doing is completely
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