Fear : The Way I See Fear

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Batuhan Kir
Ms. Evans
Honors English II
December 14, 2015
What is Fear?
The way I see fear is that many people try to run away from it instead of challenging it. Fear makes people run away from ideas, actions, or even goals. Everyone experiences fear whether they are elementary students, college students, or parents. People could fear having to speak in a crowd of others or fear a single human being. Since fear can’t fully be defined by a simple sentence, I have decided to define this short but complex word by studying its origins, discussing what fear is not, and giving examples and indications about fear. Furthermore, I will show how the word fear is represented in Night and The Sunflower.
(Origin and Causes)
The word fear originates before the 13th century. In the North Germanic language called Old Norse defined “fear” as fār which means disaster. In Old English fār (from Old Norse) translates to fǣr which means calamity as well as in Middle English fǣr (from Old English) translates to the word we know today as fear. Back in the 13th century, numerous amounts of people were devoted to their religion and because of this, fear was used in many religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. In these religions, God is portrayed to be feared and believers fear God but love him at the same time. This shows how fear can restrict people’s actions.
Nevertheless, since fear prepares people to react to danger, it causes individuals to act a certain way. Usually when…
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